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How to make micro connectors

The weather kept me inside this weekend which gave me time to make a bunch of much needed micro connectors for some upcoming projects. For a few dollars and a little time you can make a lot of connectors. Below are the connectors I made for my lipo's. I also made rxer connectors and battery charge connectors as well as twin male and twin female connectors for my motor to rxer connections.

A quick summary until I get the full tutorial done:
I cut a pin pair off of a row of male connectors. I pull one male pin out and drill out a hole to accomodate a female clip I cut from a jumper plug and stuff in there. It's a tight squeeze so doesn't move. The heatshrink does the rest by holding it all in place and providing a grip to seperate the connectors.

I shrink a single piece of heatshrink over the solid pin of the connector at the rear to isolate the two pins from each other. I then shrink another slightly larger diameter piece over both of the connectors pieces at the rear - squeezing with my fingers as it cools so the glue grabs both pieces and locks them in place. I then put a larger and longer piece over the whole lot to 'encase' it all.


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