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25mm EDF BAE T-45 Hawk! (featured)

Feb 21, 2012.

25mm EDF BAE Hawk designed by NitroCharged. This model has a 12" wingspan and can be flown on 2 or 3S. Rxer used is an AR6400 with mixing in a Spectrum DX7 Transmitter to allow taileron control via the rudder and elevator servo's on the board although any micro R/C system can be used. 2mm depron was used for the build.

Watch and see what the 12" EDF Micro Hawk looks like doing around 70MPH!

What was included in the download before I took it down? Lots!

The downloadable file contained full sized parts layout and also a full set of ready to print decals to apply to the Micro Hawk!

Helpful construction notes were included to assist with the build.

Images of the finished model and decal layout.

On a display stand or out on the field, it's a sharp looking model!



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