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How to make 1mm foam
1mm Foam


I have started to make my own 1mm foam as it is either hard to source or too heavy or really expensive. I used the old wire cutter method using a .3mm guitar string and a 12V transformer powered by a car battery.. Click here

How to make micro connectors
How to make micro connectors


The weather kept me inside this weekend which gave me time to make a bunch of much needed micro connectors for some upcoming projects. For a few dollars and a little time you can make a lot of connectors.. Click here

How to make your own cowling


One of the most disappointing aspects of the GWS Pico Moth has been the stock 2 piece cowling that comes with the kit. Not only being cumbersome to join but the plastic itself is extremely brittle and tends to crumple beyond use on its first impact with a hard surface.. click here

More coming soon.....



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