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30mm EDF Micro A7 Corsair (featured)
Team30 Micro EDF A7 Corsair

Feb 16, 2010.

Had a great time designing and building a 30mm EDF A7 Corsair The weather has been terrible every time I bring it to the field for a fly!.. Click here

Squall rebuild
Squall rebuild

Mar 18, 2010.

Work commenced on rebuilding a fellow flters Squall 70mm EDF jet. It took a heavy crash and was bound for the bin before I grabbed it for a rebuild.. Click here

UltraFly BAE Hawk rebuild
UltraFly BAE Hawk rebuild

Mar 01, 2010.

Yet another write-off destined for the bin. It was a mess and I had to totally rebuild the forward fuse section with a new block of foam. This one is getting converted to 50mm EDF.. Click here

30mm EDF Huckebein
BAE Hawk

Jan 09 , 2010.

Work commenced on a 30mm EDF version of a TA-183 Huckebein. The build goes well and is currently awaiting some components before finishing it up.... Click here

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