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Micro Fokker DR1 MkII

Since my first test model Fokker DR1 was such a pain but proved I could get it to fly, I am starting a new build from scratch to fix all the problems I discovered with the Mk1 model.

Specs are: 12" W/S, KP-00 4.75:1 motor, 5" CF Prop, 140 Lipo, JMP Rx, 2 x Falcon Servos. AUW of Mk1 was 38g.
Throwing all the Mk2 parts and components onto a scale without the glue weighs in at 24g! Much more respectable weight.

Firstly, the new build does not have a built up fuselage like the old one had, instead opting for the plain 2 balsa sides held open with a few formers method.
Here a piccie of the old fuse where I used a guillows type backbone style to build around.

And here's the progress of the new build. I forgot to snap it step by step but we all know what to do with 2 fuse halves and 4 formers, right?

The bottom wing is fixed in place but the top two wings are mounted on a removable fuse section to allow me access to the r/c gear. The big mistake I made on Mk1 was to install the gear permanently and build around it. This time I can get full access to everything.

Next I mounted the top wing and in this piccie It is showing how the upper wings section mounts on the fuse:

Mounting the top wing was a real time hog last time so I decided to use a few guides to make it easier this time around.
I tacked a strip of balsa to each of the middle wings LE as a guide to the location of the top wing. Then I glued in the CF struts to the centre wing after carefully checking they were the correct length. Then I rested the top wing on the struts and jacked up the rear end of the top wing to achieve the correct incidence with another piece of balsa and tacked that to the TE and fuse. Once the CA dried I flipped it upside down and glued the struts in place. The balsa guides simply snapped off as I used only a tiny amount of CA.

Here's a close up showing the setup:

Then I mounted the cabane struts:

I made up the elevators and connected the tailplane to the fuse before sticking them on:

Then attached the rudder:

Just the LG and cowling to go! AUW-9g so far. The old one weighed AUW-17g built.

To hold the interplane struts to the bottom wing I placed a pea sized ball of clear silicone to the underneath of each wing where the strut passes through. Once cured I sliced it to allow a nice snug and sticky grip of the strut. It actually tightens when I tug at it so it's a bonus.

Moving on to the cowling - I made a beauty but cut the bottom a little short and so it was useless. Unfortunately it was my last plastic cup that was ideal for the job. I made do with an alternative piece and after quite a bit of work managed to get this one looking ok. It is just seated against the firewall in this shot as I have not fitted locator pins etc yet. It came in at 0.92 g which I think is ok for the result it produces on the model.

The first cowl took 2 minutes to form and I was done, but this one took forever as it is of a different material and I had to test several cups to find the right way to shrink it before going for it. Amazingly, I didn't make a cast as I did a search through my house for anything that might do as a cast to speed things up - lo and behold, I found a little glass vitamin jar with a curved base and of the exact diameter I needed.

I attached the cowling via 2 locators and a rubber band hook system.
I then constructed the landing gear, sub-wing and wheels and fixed them to the fuse:

I have cut out the cockpit - a little hard to see in the photo but once the inner bottom is colored black it will be very obvious:

I used a single magnet to retain the upper wing assembly to the fuse, also installing the motor and servo's into the fuselage:

Rx and pushrods were then installed and a prop saver retaining the CF prop:

Now to balance it out!


I had to make some changes after the maiden and it made a real difference. I also had added a small amount of incidence to the middle wings. It flew so much better than to date. I am really close on getting it all right and was really excited about this mornings test flight results! It flew great - climbing with good authority and was real fun to watch as I flew it. My flying buddy showed up this morning and volunteered to take some photos so here they are. He did a great job as my digi-camera isn't the fastest or best. In the last photo you have to squint to see the Micro Fokker in the top right hand corner!



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