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CAC Boomerang crash rebuild

Here is the rebuild of the Boomerang my Mate wrote off as too hard to fix - opting to just buy a new one for 90 bucks.

First the damage:



I started by taping the Cowl back together as best as I could and making a mold of it using Ceiling Plaster ( it sands so much easier than Plaster of Paris)


I then repaired the wing. Since the repair was straight foward I won't bore people with the step by step process. I just replaced all the mashed pieces with new and sanded smooth to blend with the original sections. The solar film I used wasn't a great match but close enough for the job:


The front of the fuse was a little more tedious as I glued back together each break in the plastic one by one. Letting the epoxy dry and then doing the next break and so on. I started by repairing the Ply formers so I could use them to shape the plastic fuse as best as I could:


I then rebuilt the motor mount - but ended up using a stick mount solution to hold a GWS Gearbox and used an 8 dollar tower-pro brushless motor mounted to the gearbox. I found a rough closeness to the fuse colour and tried to blend it in to the original fuse colour as best as I could.

The cowl I formed using a plastic orange juice bottle heat shrunk over the mold and it turned out quite well. I gave it a couple of good coats of paint before re-attaching it.
Here is the finished repair job which was completed in early November - I was stuck mounting the R/C gear as I used bits and pieces from the spares box and only just got a suitable motor for it so finished it all up just after Chrissie:

Finally, the reward for all this - yesterday mornings re-maiden. Yup - first try nosed it in after tip stalling on take off and it broke the stick mount off. I tried a 1550 3 cell but at only 10C it didnt have the C to get the motor spinning hard enough for a solid take off so after repairing the mount I tried again with a 16C 2100 3 cell which gave it more than enough grunt to up and away :):

A quick video of it can be seen here    (avi format 2.5Mb - dial uppers, right click > save as)



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